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About suPURDUEper

Get to know us

               FRC Team 7457 suPURDUEper was founded in 2018. Based in downtown Indianapolis, FRC Team 7457 is part of the Indiana First District made up of 19 students and 5 mentors. During the FRC build season our members put in hundreds of hours of hard work and dedication to build the best robot we can. During the off-season, it is our mission to expand the influence of FIRST throughout our community in Indiana, giving people life-changing opportunities in STEM fields and more. We plan to better prepare students to have successful futures and be able to better their communities. As students, we develop life skills in far more advanced areas such as business, management, and marketing and as a team, we continue to improve our structure and move forward with ongoing plans to make a difference in our community.



3029 E Washington St, Indianapolis, IN 46201

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