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Andy Mundell

Andy Mundell is an instructional coach at PPHS and the Lead Mentor of suPURDUEper Robotics. He has been with the team since its founding in 2018, but has been active in high school robotics since 2012. When he is not playing with robots he enjoys going outdoors and hiking with his wife and two sons.

Reis Simpson

Reis Simpson is an undergrad student in his second year at IUPUI studying in Mechanical Engineering. This is his second year mentoring 7457 and sixth in FRC. He works with the mechanical/build team to construct the robot. In his free time, Reis likes to watch hockey games, play video games, and take naps.

Anika Rozeboom

Anika Rozeboom is a Mechanical Engineering major, business and math minor at IUPUI in her second year.  This is her second year mentoring 7457 and her fifth year overall in robotics.  She helps the business team contact sponsors, raise money and teach them about corporate structure and organization.  She enjoys hiking, baking and watching movies

Neil Staley

Neil Staley is a Mechanical Engineering student in his second year at IUPUI. This is second year mentoring for 7457 and sixth year in FIRST Robotics overall. He helps with the Build/ Electrical teams to help put together the robot. In his free time, he enjoys playing video games,  watching TV, and camping.

Zachary Kaster

Zachary Kaster is a Computer Engineering major at IUPUI in his second year. This is his first year mentoring for 7457 and his first year in FIRST Robotics. He helps the programming team with programming the robot. He enjoys playing video games, watching TV and swimming in his free time.

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