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Build Team

Pictured (from left to right) : Xavier H., Noland S., Eric M., Kaitlyn A., Clark M.,

Adrian M., Keenan M., Anthony W. (Not Pictured : Katie J.)

The build team is hard at work at the beginning of the season creating all of the field elements for the others to build and test the robot around. We make a lot of cuts and sometimes wish that we had measured twice. After we are finished making the field elements we help to fabricate parts for the robot.

Business Team

Pictured (from left to right) : Rebekah F., Audrey W., Samuel C., Colten L.,

Samuel H., Jeremiah S.

The business team has many functions on the robotics team. One of the main functions of the business team is to secure financial support for our team by way of grants and sponsorships. They also play a crucial role in maintaining relationships with our sponsors and fellow teams through our various social media accounts. Finally, they are responsible for keeping the parents of the team up-to-date with the team's activities.

Programming Team

Pictured (left to right) : Audrey W., Jesse R., Ryan M., Jonas G, Advaith S.

Here on the programming team, we spend our time coding the robot to do all of its functions. From moving to shooting to climbing, we make it all happen. When we have downtime (because it's always mechanical's fault), we look at other coding methods to better our robot and enhance the driver's experience.

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